The following is a detailed list of certifications that EL Enterprise Co., Ltd. has acquired in quality management and corporate management.

ISO 9001:2008

Quality management system
Period of Validity: 150729~160830

ISO 14001:2004

Quality management system
Period of Validity: 150707~180706

KC certification

Korea Water & Wastewater Works Association
Date Certified: May 15th, 2014

Corporate-affiliate Research Institutes Certification

Chairman of Korea Industrial Technology Association
Date Declared: July 7th, 2015

Innovative Management Corporation Confirmation

Small & Medium Business Administration
Period of Validity: 130704~160703

Rapid-growth(Gazelle-type) Corporation Designation

Small & Medium Business Administration
Date Designated: September 8th, 2015

Korea Venture Entrepreneurship Certification

Small & Medium Business Corporation
Period of Validity: 140821~160820

Promising Small or Medium-sized Corporation Certification

Small & Medium Business Administration of Gyeonggi-do
Period of Validity: 121228~171227

Material & Component Specialized Firm Application

Minister of Knowledge Economy
Period of Validity: 110610~140609

NSF International

GOOD DESIGN AWARD in Plastic Sensor Faucet

Korea Institute of Design Promotion
Date Designated: December 19th, 2015