Ceramic Disc


EL Enterprise Co., Ltd. supplies products in a variety of shapes and form to customers throughout the world. The company boasts the highest level of surface processing technology, accuracy of measurements and physical properties of materials, all of which determine the quality of a product, and possesses an annual production capacity of 20,000,000 ceramic discs.

EL Enterprise Co., Ltd.’s ceramic discs are applied not only in severe conditions including high temperature and/or high pressure but also to various parts and components that require great durability, airtight-ness, insulation and accuracy of reaction.

Low magnification X 100
High magnification X 200

EL Enterprise Co., Ltd.’s ceramic discs spray-dry single particles under 10㎛ in size and form powder for use. They retain a uniform, consistent organization without any significant air holes.

Product quality & Characteristics

ELN standard Thickness : 0.025mm / 0.05mm
ELN standard Parallerism : 0.005mm
ELN standard Flatness : 0.0006㎛
ELN standard Roughness : Ra 0.1 ~ 0.3㎛
Surface Bearing Area
ELN standard Surface Bearing Area : SBA 50 ~ 80%

As ELN possesses all processes necessary in manufacturing of ceramic discs, it is possible to perform quality control at each manufacturing process. ELN is ready to respond to any request from our customers.